Young people need to Explore

Unstructured time is as important as structured time for young people to enjoy learning. This part of their lives is about exploring to gain experience. Their access to the Net needs to consider this important phase of learning and growing. easily allows exploration online that adapts to the maturity level and independence of the family members.

Learning is Slow

Nothing is better than practice for learning skills and techniques, including the skill of concentration. We all need more practice at concentrating. Trying to learn while distracted is ineffective, but we all think we can multitask better than we really can. supports learning by controlling online distraction while still allowing access to task-approprite online resources.

Digital Education is New

Online resources and online schools are changing the way education works. A generation from now, the educational system may be very different from today. A system of education that is mostly online yet promotes focus and concentration is essential. is part of the evolution of online learning and education.

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