What is Privacy Online

Your privacy online can be compromised in many and subtle ways. Broadly speaking, you can be tracked, your data can be examined and analyzed, and your identity can be assumed, shared, and sold.

Why you should Care

Online services you use regularly that are free or purchased for a one-time fee must make money to survive some way other than from you. This very important fact means you are not their customer, your attention is their product. Such service providers have an inherent conflict of interest in maintaining your privacy. Your habits, your data, and your identity are their most valuable asset and their primary means of making money. Expecting these service providers to preserve your privacy is an extreme level of trust.

Why it Matters

Filtering and managing your home's Internet traffic is a privileged position. Any service provider you use for this function has access to all of your family's activities. This privileged position includes knowledge of what you do online, but also what people are present or absent from your home.

How we Guarantee It

By offering our services as a subscription, we can keep ourselves out of that conflict of interest. We do not sell ads, we do not sell movies, we do not sell social networking services, we do not sell video games or media. We support families in managing their time online, offline, and everywhere in between. Because your data has no value to us, we can collect much less of it, in many case we do not need any of it. We can provide control without collecting all of your data.

We value and respect privacy. No cookies or social media tracking buttons are used on this site.