is the most comprehensive solution to help parents manage their family's use of the Internet and teach them how to better manage themselves. enables consistency yet works with diverse family schedules and activities, changing technology, and increasing maturity. All-or-nothing solutions cannot do that.

Raising children is Hard

As parents, we strive to be authoritative and not authoritarian or overly permissive (parenting styles). We know consistency and high but achievable expectations provide the best long term outcomes for our children. Right now, the Internet makes that style of parenting very difficult to practice.

Parents have to provide access to the Internet. It is part of a modern education and society. It is also a chronic source of distraction. We are all susceptible to distraction, young people even more so due to their level of cognitive development. They are naturally prone to distraction and subjected to deliberate targeting by app developers. Parents can deny all access by taking away devices or by turning off the WiFi, but this sledgehammer approach can cause more problems than it solves. Students cannot do their homework, the whole household is affected, and it often generates hostility rather than encouraging learning and focus.

Technology is Complex

Home information technology is increasingly complex, with computers, smart phones, televisions, stereos, appliances, game machines, and home automation all being online. Some people like learning about and maintaining technology as a hobby, most of us just want it to work. just works and makes sure all your other devices keep working too.

Digital Living is New

Understanding how technology is supposed to work is hard enough, but how it affects and changes our lives is something we are all learning through experience. For example, online privacy, Internet crime and identity theft are all new challenges. The service can be configured to increase protection within the home from these dangers and assist in response.

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