What gets Installed? Router

The subscription includes a highly customized border router that connects all of your networks and the Internet. A Router is installed at each connection to your Internet Service Provider. The Router has comprehensive access control profiles to limit intrusion and exfiltration risk in real-time. The Router also logs traffic metadata and data to secure storage that is leveraged to perform deeper analysis, risk mitigation, remediation, and response.

The subscription also includes a software agent that is installed on Windows servers and workstations. This software agent collects and logs machine configurations. These logs are also stored offsite and are used in deep analysis and response.

What gets Logged?

The traffic and configuration logging is highly customized to suit the needs of your business. Traffic logging, for example, can include traffic metadata and data details for specific machines, traffic types, and networks. Machine configuration logging can include installed software, running software, background software and tasks, security events, update status, certificate stores, firewall events, installed and running services and drivers, and user accounts. The logging is performed by the software agents and by the border router to a secure, off-site facility to maintain the highest possible data integrity and is specifically designed to minimize impact on your operations.

Reports and notifications are generated periodically and on-demand using the logged data. The reports and notifications highlight problematic and risky changes in traffic and configuration patterns. These reports help with routine IT configuration management and quality assurance in addition to identifying anomilies for detailed cyber-defense analysis.

What is included in a Subscription?

The subscription service includes:

  • The Router
  • The Windows Audit agent installed on all Windows machines
  • Secure, off-site, redundant storage
  • System configuration and customization by a domain expert
  • Automatic, daily report generation and delivery
  • Real-time event notification by email, instant message, text message, or phone call
  • Discounted network audit services
  • Discounted network diagnostic services
  • Discounted network remediation services