What exactly is It? Router

The service is a subscription that lets you define a customized plan for use of the Net in your home. This plan is established and updated by your family based on your needs, lifestyle, and goals. Because families, activities, goals, and home environments are unique, the plan may be detailed and custom, but that's okay, we deal with the complexity of turning the plan into action. Your plan can cover some or all family members, guests, and devices.

Your custom plan is managed by the Router which is a small device installed in your home, usually next to the modem from your Internet Service Provider. The Router is included in the subscription and is completely maintained by You do not need to buy or maintain any equipment, or learn any arcane network technology or terminology.

How does it Compare?

The service is designed based on consultation with educators and psychologists to address the changing needs of families as they mature. Unlike other parental management technologies, it can help families teach young people about the benefits and limitations of self-control by adapting to increasing maturity. For example, a family member can gradually get more autonomy in setting and managing aspects of their own plan. This approach helps adolescents get support for impulse control while also respecting their increasing maturity.

By offering a fully managed service, relieves parents of the need to learn and keep up with changing Internet technologies and social media trends, which change dramatically and often. Sites, apps, and online properties come and go, and the technology they use to deliver their services can change. Controlling access to them requires keeping up with these changes.

The service is the most comprehensive and fine-grained access management solution available. For example, while a parent may be inclined to block social media when children are supposed to be doing homework, some young people collaborate over services like Facebook Messenger. Blocking all social media may actually inhibit the child's social and academic progress. can block parts of a social media service, preventing distraction from such things as videos, news stories, and notifications while still allowing access to parts appropriate to the activity.'s technology takes no technical short cuts. The Router prevents the need to install and maintain software on every device in the family. The Router works seemlessly with existing home technology, such as televisions, streaming media players, video game consoles, sercurity systems, and home automation, controlling access to them as well. It works with both wired and wireless devices. It does not use short-cut approaches like "ARP spoofing" that can disrupt the proper operation of some equipment. is not a media or advertising company, with an incentive to use your data to learn about you and your family to get more of your time and attention. That is what we all want a break from.

How often can I Change my Plan?

You can change your plan as often as you want. For example, a family with school-age children may update their plan during summer and winter vacactions, when changing schools, to support tutoring, or changing extracurricular activities. When you want to change your plan, contact and describe your new goals in simple, straightforward, non-technical terms. During this discussion your facilitator can help by offering common practices shared by similar families and best practices recommended by educators.

What happens if I am Away?

If you notify us in advance we will suspend the service and prorate your subscription for the duration of your absence. If the Router measures no traffic for more than two weeks, we will notify you and ask if you want to suspend your service and prorate your subscription.

Why a Subscription?

There are two reasons offers a subscription service. Firstly, is so that we can ensure your plan is always being maintained even as the Internet and technology are changing. Internet services and technologies change frequently, people switch services and service providers, fads come and go. will update the details to maintain your plan with no additional effort from you. Secondly, a subscription is the best way we can work with you and make sure your priorities are our priorities. While free and one-time charge services are common on the Net, they have misaligned incentives. Their users are not their customers, rather their users' attention is their product. If you use these services, your attention is being sold to their advertisers. This leads to a strong incentive to consume as much of your time and attention as possible. does not sell advertising or media content. We just help families.

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