Are your kids spending too much time on fun but distracting online activities while doing homework?

Are family members not getting enough sleep because of Netflix, Instagram, or video games?

Do family members have diverse schedules, activities, needs, and maturity levels?

Are you exhausted at the thought of yet another piece of technology you have to learn, setup, and manage yourself?

Will a mass-market, commodity solution work for your family?

Do you prefer to get help from a person, or by reading endless FAQs and user message boards online? is a fully-supported service focused exclusively on helping families make their technology work towards their goals.

  • Unique, personal, and custom control of access to internet content and services
  • Synced to personal and family schedules such as activities, holidays, school days, family time, friends and guests, and more
  • Support for better study habits, meal times, family activities, sleep times, and more
  • Respectful of privacy of the family and the individuals within the family
  • A fully-supported service so no one needs to install, maintain, or master any new technology

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