is a managed, easy-to-use, flexible and versatile service that turns the Internet and all of your home technology into a GoodNet for your family. To learn more about how is the newest and best choice to manage your family's Internet access, please keep reading and see our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Internet is Essential

Imagine working without the Internet if you can. We can't and we don't want to. The Net is good; it's a Good Net.

The Internet is Distracting

Imagine that every time you are trying to concentrate on task, you are sitting next to a plate of chocolate chip cookies. As your mind focuses on your goal, your hand will subconsciously reach out and take a cookie, or your mind will stray away from your goal and focus on the cookies. That is the Internet today - yummy cookies, always on hand.

A Good Net is Control

Sometimes we need to eliminate the distracting parts of the Internet. It's like putting away the cookies some of the time - a good idea. But to still have access to the useful content, we need a filter, a net. Our lives are dynamic so we need a net that can keep up with us as we grow and change. We need a good net that intelligently catches and removes the distracting traffic while allowing us to access the useful information.

A Good Net is Support

Network technology is reaching into most aspects of our lives with communication, automation, interaction, and information. We are dependent on it. Turn it off and we are often lost, but it is complex, often confusing, and ever changing. We need support and we need safety. We need a really good net to support and protect us.

Ease of Use

  • Nothing to install on personal devices
  • Nothing to maintain
  • Automatically updated
  • No complex technology to understand
  • Works with social media
  • Works with streaming media
  • Works with gaming
  • Works with home automation
  • Evolves with families and with technology
  • Allows self-control for maturing family members
  • Works with different lifestyles and family arrangements

Dynamic and Flexible

  • Per-device settings
  • Per-person settings
  • Guest settings
  • Unlimited devices per person
  • Scheduled activation
  • On-demand activation
  • On-event activation
  • Flexible remote management
  • Secure and confidential
  • Enhances cyber-security for the whole family

Information is Power

  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Notification of potentially risky activity
  • Notification of home events
  • Consultations about best practices
  • Coordination with schools
  • Community sharing
  • Technology tutoring
  • Supported by education, technology, and behaviour experts

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